Thursday, September 20, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Ending Soon

The Summer 2012 Scavenger Hunt is almost at an end. It finishes tomorrow Sept 21.
I still have a few to picture before then however I am not sure I will achieve all of them in that time, so I may have to cheat a little to at least have some form of picture available, although I may just confess all and accept defeat....we will see.

All I have left to find is the following:

  • #3 A Border
  • #7 Someone playing a musical instrument
  • #12 A maze, labyrinth or trail
  • #15 Someone dancing
  • #16 A Bride
  • #21 A picture of myself with something that symbolizes our nation
I guess I will finally give in and use the picture I took of the boys holiday programme teacher playing the electric keyboard at their breakup production back in July, I really was hoping to find something a little better but have seen nothing.

So that takes #7 Someone Playing a Musical Instrument off the list.
When we went to the cemetery to get a picture of an angel statue, I was telling the boys what I had left to find.
Alex asked who I was going to take a picture of dancing? I explained that I wasn't sure. So he proceeded to dance for me in the street and kept telling me to take a picture of him doing it, then I would have completed another challenge.
I took the pictures because he was making me laugh so much with his silly ways, but I think I will submit then for #15 Someone Dancing anyway......

He did all this whilst singing very loudly to himself so he had music to dance by!
I really wish I had found a couple or dance troop to picture but I smile every time I think of Alex dancing in the street for me.

Unfortunately due to it being winter here whilst I am undertaking this hunt, it means that we have not had any weddings to see. Well there have been weddings, I know they take place at this time of year as today is my 4th wedding anniversary, so some people are mad enough to get married in Spring here in New Zealand

And yes, before you ask my husband did remember to wish me Happy Anniversary this morning!
However this does not help much with the scavenger hunt as I have been unsuccessful in finding a bride to picture. I do however have an amusing story to tell about this and will enlighten you all more tomorrow on the official last day of the scavenger hunt.

Have to go now as I need to find a border, a maze and something that symbolizes our nation to have my picture taken next to.


Maria Ontiveros said...

Your Alex is sooo sweet!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Your Alex is sooo sweet!

Irene said...

Happy anniversary! Those are great photographs of your dancing son. They would make me smile too. Irene

Flora said...

That was nice of Alex to help you out. So cute!