Sunday, September 09, 2012


This morning I woke to hear the boys making breakfast!

Our bedroom is upstairs but directly down the stairs is the kitchen so we can hear what is going on in there.
I was not concerned, I established pretty soon on that we were going to receive something on a tray, however the snippets of conversation (that had me concerned) that I heard made me laugh and I even nudge Steve to check if he was awake and knowing what was coming our way.

The conversation I heard went something like this:
Ben: "Do you know how to make coffee?"
Alex: "Yes"
Ben: "Do you know how to boil the kettle?"
Alex: "Yes, but you need to put water in it"
Ben: "Do you know how to work the coffee thingy?"
Alex: "Yes, I'll do it"
Ben: "But we can't pour the boiling water, can we?"
Alex: "Yes"

What eventuated upstairs to us was 2 trays with a bowl of cereal each and a drink each. Mine was simple, cold juice, Steve's was coffee in the plunger and a cup with milk ready to go.

He asked who made this and they both smiled and said they had, however it soon became apparent that whilst making the coffee Alex (7) had remembered how to make it, adding coffee grounds etc but had forgotten to ensure it had been washed out of yesterday's grounds, so the coffee was made with double coffee half of which had been plunged yesterday!

We happily obliged as all good parents should, to eat what was given to us and say how wonderful it was.


Laurie said...

At least they boiled the water ... your attempt at about 7 yrs old was just warm water and tea leaves in the pot ... which you them poured into a cup with milk .... tea leaves floating on the top... did we drink it sorry no!! but the marmite toast was perfect.
Well done boys xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a sweet, sweet memory this will be!

Retired Knitter said...

Oh my. How wonderful a story and a memory for the future ... especially when they are newly married and expecting their own children.

I love it.

Alison said...

At least they couldn't go wrong with your cold drink!
Alison xx