Friday, September 14, 2012

Garden Update

We moved into our house here 4 years ago.
The back garden was a complete mess. Still is really although we have done a lot of work on it.

When we moved in there was a large area of tarmac out the back for no reason. There were large ferns halfway down the garden that cut off the back area.

Before any work

Of course we started, very slowly I will have you know, clearing the ferns and other rubbish from the area. As you can see there really is life at the end of our garden, another house!

After a little large amount of clearing, which was very slowly done! We got rid of the ferns and all the other rubbish. This included all the tarmac that was once in the back garden where the play set is situated in the above picture..
We have stuck a retaining wall at the very end and are slowly filling in with soil. Seeing as there was a difference of 75cm between the lowest point and the highest point, then we are requiring a rather large amount of dirt.

In December last year a friend put us in touch with a Bobcat owner who regularly had truck loads of soil to be dumped. So he came and visited and agreed that if he had anything to dump in this area then he would dump with us rather than taking to the council dump way across town. Win win for all really.
He dumped a few loads before Christmas and then everything went quiet.

Of course we then hit winter and weather has not been the greatest for digging out plots of land etc.
So last week Steve decided that we could maybe look at buying the final cubic meters that we required.
My first question was "Where the hell do we buy that much dirt, cheaply?"

So I called the bobcat owner and asked if he could help, did he know of somewhere we could buy soil cheaply and could he also help us deliver it? Sure he said and suddenly we have dirt coming out of our ears.

Seems he called a few earth movers in the area and found one of them had just started a job in the local area. So I came home on Tuesday to a pile of dirt on our front verge.
Next afternoon came home to another pile of dirt, so Steve and the boys decided to start moving it round the back. However whilst doing this Wayne showed up with yet another truck load of dirt!

Don't ask me how he managed to get the truck down the side of our house, it is so tight, although the only advice we gave him was please take the hedge out before the house!
The boys were once more in their element and helped at every possible moment.

Whilst writing this post this morning, Wayne has already arrived with yet another truck load. It is dumped out the front and he will be back either tonight or tomorrow morning with the bobcat to shift it all round the back for us. All he is asking is money towards his time, nothing for the dirt!
If it is anything like last time he used the bobcat here, then the boys will be in for a real treat again.

At this rate we will have grass seed planted in a few weeks and maybe a lawn to play on by February! Wow


Alison said...

Exciting times Kathryn..hope the boys have a ball!
Alison xx

Laurie said...

Wow ehhhhh! grass and flat. hugs x