Friday, September 14, 2012

Scavenger Hunt - #8 A Statue of An Angel

Even thought I still only have a few more items to find, the last few are not happening quick enough.

  • A border
  • A person playing an instrument
  • A horse
  • A maze
  • Someone dancing
  • A Bride
  • A movie poster
  • Picture of me with national symbol

Some are of course right under my nose but I just haven't managed to get a picture of them yet!
I know many of us have suffered with this concept.

We did have a weekend a few weeks back where we managed to find a few, but this did entail us walking round a cemetery to find a statue of an angel.

The boys were actually quite intrigued with this and fascinated too.
We got to view all the graves and see what was written on them.
It was obvious from some of the headstones that ones occupation was very important back many years ago, because as the following picture shows, this seemed the important thing to have on your headstone to allow all to see your current status within the community.

I did however find a statue of an angel.

It was sadly on the grave of a young 6 year old child, dear little Irene Doris who's headstone read "Fell a sleep on 16th May 1932"
From the size and beauty of the stone it was obviously from a family who loved her dearly and were doing everything they could to remember and cherish the memory of her.

The boys were intrigued by the cemetery and what it all meant. It did take us a few times to get them not walk over all the grave sites, showing them to respect the people and their graves.
There was a large Military area which they were interested in as well. We were able to discuss with them about the wars and what it meant and how some of these people had obviously been killed at war or in some of the cases, injured as the war ended but sadly lost their battle a week or 2 after the war ended.

We managed other items on the scavenger hunt list but will post about them another time.


Maria Ontiveros said...

That angel is beautiful and touching. I really appreciate hearing about how you used the visit as a way to discuss such meaningful issues with your boys.

Alison said...

What a lovely angel...your boys have really been learning lots as they've helped you with the hunt!
Alison xx