Wednesday, November 07, 2007


So in the first couple of days here in Hamilton it has been a constant role of emptying boxes and deciding where things are going.
This in turn means there have been things left in places waiting for its new home.
On one such day Steve was at work and the boys were watching kids programmes on the tv, so I thought!
I was trying to finish off their room so they had somewhere that wasn't a disorganised mess and somewhere that wasn't confusing to them.

This was going fine until Ben appearred at the door with Alex.

"Mummy I found Alex for you" he said

I turned round and said "S*#T"

As you can see from the pictures, this is the reason the first word out of my mouth in front of my children was unusual, Alex was covered in Lipstick, my lipstick!

Yes that is his pyjama shirt he has on, but only because he wouldn't change his top that morning, so was wearing jeans and half his pyjamas!

I moved very quickly to our bedroom, scared to death that I was going to find lipstick smeared all over the carpet in our newly rented accomodation! How would I explain this to the landlady within 1 month of renting the place?

Thank my lucky stars I have a tidy messy player. Not a scrap of lipstick anywhere in the bedroom, just over Alex.

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