Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mayoral Update 2

I received an email from Tom this morning informing me of how things have been going in Wapak.

Well, this election was as close as the primary election I won in May. I am down by 24 votes, but there are 83 provisional ballots that won't be counted until the Board of Elections meets on the 27th of November.
I busted my butt working at this, but it's still easy to second guess myself. I wish I had gone door to door two more weeks, etc. Still, not bad to take out the President of City Council in the primary election, who had been President of Council for 10 years and on Council for two years before that. And my opponent this time has been on Council for 18 years and I'm within 24 votes of him. Nothing like a close race.
It's not over yet, I might still have a shot, but statistically I don't think it's likely 54 of those 83 provisional ballots are for me.

So it could be a long shot, but I am still very proud of him for getting this far. When I know the final result I will let you know.

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