Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mayor Update

As I write this it is 8pm on Nov 7 in New Zealand which makes it 2am on Nov 7 in Ohio.
I have searched the web and come across this site which has given me the best results I can find for the Auglaize County Elections in Ohio.
Unfortunately it does not look good for my dear friend, but oh it is so close.
8 out of 8 precincts have been counted for Mayor of Wapakoneta and the results are as follows:
Thomas S Finkelmeier (rep) 1279 votes - 49.54%
Rodney C Metz (dem) 1303 votes - 50.46%

So few votes in it, I am sure he would have lead the race at some stage through the evening.
I feel so gutted for him, ok I didn't know much about his race, what he stood for or anything but he had the guts to stand up and do something for something he felt strongly about.

Well done Tom, you are a star. You have probably accomplished more this year than some people do in their whole life. I am proud to say I know you. I am sorry it looks like you were unsuccessful, but please do not loose the fight to continue.
I hope to hear that you are running in the next Mayoral Election when ever that comes up.

Well done.

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breadmoretravels said...

Only 13 people needed to vote the other way, so near yet so far away, send him our thoughts etc. if you write to him
love Mum and Dad