Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I am a part time quilter, I would love to be more, but I have a young family so this is something I am looking forward to doing more of when my boys are bigger and no longer need me all of the time.
This horoscope came through from my mum, and it sums me up perfectly:

Scorpio - October 24 to November 22
Being passionate Scorpios can be excellent quilters. When they rely on their natural intuition, they excel at choosing colour and pattern combinations. Sometimes their compulsive nature can cause problems, as they leave projects unfinished in their quest to have the latest and greatest. When they stick with a project they produce supreme work. They always must have the most up-to-minute supplies or tools and tend to be jealous of others who may possess anything more recent. They have been known to sulk if they get frustrated in their aim to be unsurpassed. Nevertheless, their desire to have the best is what drives them to produce exceptional quality work. As they possess abundant energy they can do a large amount of quilting without even needing a break for a cuppa coffee.

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