Monday, November 19, 2007

Playing Together

I know it seems like a few days since I posted anything, 5 to be exact.
But there has been a lot going on and somethings got very stressful. Unfortunately something has to go by the wayside and getting on the computer to blog is one of those things.

But when you have your bank convincing you that you never had the $4000 there in the first place you do start to question things. It got sorted 24 hours later, but it was a very long 24 hours.
Also my lovely cousin Kerry got married this weekend to her lovely man Daniel.
So when I have the pictures sorted I will put some on so you can see my lovely 2 monkeys as the ring bearers.
Instead for now here is a picture of my 2 playing together so nicely.
With the way the days have been lately it is so nice to see them discover each other as play mates.

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