Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I received the biggest compliment any mother can ask for today.
I got told I was very patient with my children and that the man was amazed that I stood my ground.
I told him it was either that or I killed them!

What happened you ask......

We; Ben, Alex and myself, went to Pak n Save (supermarket) to get some essentials. I had to move a trolley out of the way to get to the trolley I needed that would sit both the boys in, makes life easier that way, anyway Ben decided that in fact we needed the trolley I had moved.
So I started heading into the shop and he was still standing outside with his trolley.
This is where the first stand off between mother and son occured, and eventually he moved into the shop but still with the trolley.
I patiently explain that I only need 1 trolley, the one I had, and that he can put his trolley over to the side so someone else can use it.
"But mum" is the reply I get
So I stand my ground, off to the side so as not to block the door in totally, and again explain to Ben that I have the trolley I want and could he please come with me.
He still stands his ground saying he wants this trolley. So eventually I help him to sit in his trolley but still stand by my trolley.
So there you have a 4 yr old sat in his trolley crying and me stood off to the side watching him. Several people did comment about the boy crying in the trolley and where was the mum? But were happy when I pointed out that he was with me, I got lots of smiles then.
Eventually, after about 10 minutes, I wasn't going anywhere and I had all the time in the world, I managed to get Ben to agree to get out of his trolley and into mine.

This done we headed into the shop and finished our shopping.

As we are leaving so the man that watched all this from the stand out the front where he is promoting "Save the Children" commented that I was so very patient and he was amazed that I stood my ground for so long.
I just told him that I had to be and that sorry I couldn't support his cause but that I had 2 kids he could have if he wanted more to save!

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