Tuesday, November 06, 2007


So the days finally arrived for the men to come and spend one day packing all our stuff, the next day loading it all onto the truck and then the next day unloading it in Hamilton.
I was amazed at the way the house started to dissappear before my eyes into boxes. The boys tried to help out where possible but generally they managed to stay out of the way.

The men were very quick in some areas, as I found out when I suddenly remembered the key lock for the Real Estate Agent. I knew it was on the bookcase in the hall, but by the time I got there IT WAS PACKED! So that has come with us to Hamilton and I will get it back to The Joneses soon.

I also put my book down at one stage and then when I next turned round it had been packed, that was something I actually unpacked the box to find, there was no way I was managing a night in the house without something to read!

Overall we had no problems with the company at all. So if you are ever looking to move then check out Crown Relocations, they were great.

The truck to take our stuff away.

The study before it got packed by Crown

The study after it was packed by Crown

Ben trying to be helpful, at least it was his stuff he was packing!

Although this is what Alex thought about the move! Not affected at all, as long as his bed stayed available.

Unfortunately the truck could only get up the driveway about 2m, then it hit a tree, so a lot of carrying from the house down the driveway!

The boys had great seats for watching the loading of the truck.

The move went well, they helped us to unpack at the other end to a certain point, and yes there are still some boxes to unpack even today, probably will still be there when Mum and Dad come home next week! We have some boxes that we haven't even opened and are not going to either. We don't need the stuff whilst in rented accomodation and it is easier to store in the cupboard in boxes.
But most of the day to day stiff is sorted, we are able to live and cook and sleep. the boys have their room all sorted with their toys so everyone is happy.

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