Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hamilton Gardens

When we first came to visit Hamilton back in June I took the boys, as recommended by Grandma, to the Hamilton Gardens. Now I was just so taken with this place, it was surreal. I think I floated around the place, there was just something about it that got me.On Sunday we decided to take the boys there for our daily outing, see what the flowers were like in a different time of year.
It was still as beautiful as before and I am still very taken with the place. I haven't been to all the gardens there just one little section of 6. They consist of the following....
  1. Japanese Garden
  2. English Garden
  3. Chinese Garden
  4. American Garden
  5. Indian Garden
  6. Italian Garden
So I am posting a photo post of the place to give you a taster of these gardens. The fact it is now just down the road from us means that during the next year we will get to visit as often as we want and also get to see the gardens in all the 4 seasons throughout the year. I look forward to that part. I am not showing you everything that is available just enough to wet your appertite, so drop on by sometime and we will take you there it is free!

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