Monday, March 02, 2009


So I have started my new job, well I have had lots of education towards my new job. We actaully start the vaccinations in 2 weeks time. But so far so good.

Steve is busy as at work, he also suddenly has lots of education that has come his way, so nights of study and long days at work.

Ben is at school and loving it all, well apart from swimming! Yea I know, the boy that loves swimming is not enjoying it at school, turns out, after some investigating, that he is finding school swimming cold and boring. He is so much more advanced than they are doing.
He has new words to learn each week and we are progressing nicely with them.
Things like "I, we, and, went, mum, dad, got, a, it, at"
He will be reading before we know it!

Alex is still loving Daycare, although he does get a little clingy when we go to leave, but we are not worried as we know he has a ball 5 minutes after we have gone.
Today is not a daycare day, so after 2 weeks of fulltime, I think he is looking forward to a quiet day at home with mum.

The cat is progressing well and you would have thought she had always lived here! She is a very big suk and has made herself right at home. We have no worries with her and have even started to let her explore the garden. She loves watching the boys play with their toys and even tries to join in. Will tell you more about that in another post. Oh and Alex has choosen a name for her, well he gave the cat the name and it seems to have stuck.....the cat is called "Barnie"
Or in Alex's world it is called 'Barnie the Cat' because he also has 'Barney the Dinosaur!'
Ben has accepted this because he knows he is allowed to name the next cat we get hopefully this weekend

Blogging just seems to get a backseat at present, but it doesn't help that we lost internet connection for 36 hours due to all the rain we had at the weekend! But now I am not at work fulltime maybe I will be back online a little more.

So that is our family this week. Look forward to catching up with all of you during the week.

Have a good one.

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