Friday, August 28, 2009


Alex is just at that point where the current carseat he has is still just suitable but at the same time the next stage of carseat would be fine too.
So today I finally sucumbed and went and checked out what the local shop had to offer.

They had a lovely next stage seat that in fact will cover the next 2 stages. A booster seat with a back and then the back comes off to make a big boy booster seat.
In fact I was so taken with the seat I decided to get one for Ben as well. His booster seat is ok, but it is very rigid and cheap and I really don't feel it was giving him adequate support and safety in the car.

So we came home with 2 seats, one blue and one grey.

Alex is still wearing a harness in this new seat, but it won't be long before he is just using the regular seatbelt like Ben.
The seats that they are coming out of are not ruined, they are in fact still in very good condition, but I do know some people are set against buying 2nd hand carseats. I know I am, I always prefer the boys to have brand new, then I know what has happened to them and how they have been treated. Not been involved in an accident or anything. Although at this age it really doesn't make any difference. But when they were little then it was a biggy with me.

So I put both seats on Trade Me, New Zealand's answer to Ebay.
I gave as much description about the seats as possible and I made sure the price was sensible, because after all, Alex's seat is in fact 7 years old. Most literature will tell you that you shouldn't buy a carseat that is more than 10yrs old. There is nothing actually wrong with a seat that is 10yrs old, just wear and tear could have affected it over that amount of time.

So in fact I was very reasonable with where I priced Alex's seat, so much so that compared to the others being sold at the time, ours was a scream. That was proved by the fact that it sold within 2 hours of being listed.

And they want to pick it up tomorrow!

Talk about not having it hang around the house and garage for several weeks before listing it! I haven't even had time to ensure it is clean!

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