Friday, August 28, 2009


Sadly I have not been doing any posts due to a major distraction!

On Monday I won 'Mother of The Year', nothing official or anything like that, just in the eyes of the 2 people where it counts 2 sons.
I won because we finally agreed to purchase a Nintendo Wii and yes you guessed right, Monday was the day I went and got it.

So I was the best mum in the world, because they had so desperately wanted one.
So all week we have all been finding out exactly what this wonderful family toy can do.
Who can beat who at what sports game.

On Monday night Steve and I played some great games. We were laughing and fighting all at the same time. I don't think anyone needs marriage counselling, you just need to put the couple in a room together and get them to attack each other at sword fighting on the Wii. They will have the world sorted in an hour!

The boys are actually very good at some of the games, their fine eye motor skills are definitely improving.

Anyway, got to go, it is my turn to crucify the family at 10 pin bowling....!

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