Thursday, August 13, 2009


We would like a 'Wii' in the house.

Several people we know have one and we, as a family, have had many a go on it. We have played bowling, tennis, even ski jumping with the Wii Fit Board, oh and tightrope walking and hula hooping!
At the weekend we played with the one my brother has, everyone had a great time, even Grandma was bowling some 'strikes' although she did say she would rather be playing the 'real thing'.

So on Monday, Alex and I crawled around several of the large shops that have them and checked out prices and deals available.
Quite interesting the difference in price in different shops, but in the end pretty much the same.
Noel Leeming did more or less the best deal. They will match the price of anyone or let you take it over 12 months interest free.

Now we would like:

The Console
Battery Charger

Wii Fit Board

And game for the Wii Fit Board.
We would also like to get a 2nd Nunchuk and a 2nd Remote Control straight away as well, then you can play 2 people against each other.
We are not in any hurry to purchase this, so are waiting for a good deal to come up.
We have decided that we will get this for everyone's Birthday and some of Christmas, seeing as we have Ben's, Mine and Steve's Birthday in the next 3 months, also Father's Day and of course Christmas. We don't actually know what to get for everyone for gifts, so even though we will get Ben something little for the actual day, we will explain that this is part of his present too. I will get Steve something very little, worth about $2 for Father's Day and his Birthday, but we won't go all out because we will have the Wii.
We do have some vouchers for this store, so that is nice. So now we will just sit and wait.
So if anyone is wondering what to get Ben for his Birthday or even me for that matter, then some vouchers for Noel Leeming would be nice, but could we have them in advance so we can use them towards our family gift now please?


Kent and Leisy said...

how fun! my parents have everything at their place back in Utah so we always play as a family when we are there for holidays!! I'd love one one day.

Needled Mom said...

I got one for my husband for his birthday in a couple of weeks. I know he will love itas he has wanted one for a looooong time.