Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday, after collecting Ben from his friends house, we headed home.
I had an appointment at 3, so with plenty of time to spare, Ben and I got ready and left.
Unfortunately he was talking to me and I got distracted!

2 minutes later I realise that we were stood outside the back door, with the door locked, the alarm on and 'NO' keys!
Yep, that is right, no keys to unlock the door with, no keys to drive the car with and no means of getting back into the house.
Luckily my appointment was not far away, so in the 10 minutes we had left we were able to walk to it.
We called Steve and told him he would have to take the bus home, as we couldn't come and collect him!

Luckily, but unluckily we ended up having a very long (like 45 mins) wait for my appointment. Not sure what they were doing for it to take so long to wait?
Then we managed to keep busy by stopping in the local Kids Book Store and then we went and collected Alex from Daycare, but we loitered for half an hour. They were more than happy to have us stay, so I read books to Alex whilst we waited.
In fact, I think I ended up with 3 kids sat around my feet whilst I read the book.

Finally Steve text to say he was home and we wandered off round the corner home and into our nice warm house.

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Needled Mom said...

Glad it all worked out for you. Think how lucky the little ones are to have had books read to them.