Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday, Ben had a Teacher Only Day at school.
This meant that there was no school. Ok they did give us about 3 months warning that the day was coming up!
Unfortunately for us, it just fell into place that neither Steve nor I could get the day off work, well I couold only get half the day, so one of Ben's classmates kindly had him over for the morning.

It sounds like he had a great time, playing at the park, eating Ice Cream and having McDonalds for lunch.
Unfortunately, whilst at the park Ben decided to swing a swing, or more like, push the swing but hum, he kinda forget to move when the swing swung back....!
He now has the biggest fat lip ever!
He has also managed to graze off the skin on the front of his lip with the rope from the swing.
So his mouth looks a horrible mess at the moment and I think it is only going to get worse before it gets better, because it is going to get all dry with the scab and this will bug him for a while.

You can see the split in his lip where he was so lucky because if it had split more then I think he would have had to have had stitches in his lip!

But he had a great morning with his friend from school, so he is not bothered at all.

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