Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Right Thing

Today Alex and I ran some errands.
We ended up at the supermarket and picked up a few little things we needed.
1 of the things we got was a little bag a lollies.

However at the checkout, Alex decided to help himself to a box of Smarties!
I however did not notice the box until he showed them to me at the car.

And I made him do the right thing.....and take them back!
I know cruel mean mummy, but oh so morally right mummy!

So we walked back in, with me explaining about taking without paying and that he had no money so couldn't have them. Then I made him give them to the lady and say 'sorry'.
She however looked at me at little surprised at first, until I explained how he had taken them and we hadn't paid for them. Then she smiled and said 'thank you'

I have no idea if he understood what we did, but at least I can hope he might.

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Needled Mom said...

That's a good mommy. We did that with one of our boys when he was young too. He never forgot it.