Saturday, August 15, 2009

Current Quilt

A few years ago I started making this quilt by Bronwyn Hayes.

I have done several of the embroideries necessary for the quilt top, but like most things I still have a few to go!

I have all the fabric for the quilt, have gone for a grape and maroon colour instead of the blues, so once all the top squares are finished, then I just have to piece it all together, oh and do that bit that I don't enjoy, quilting it.
I am in no rush to finish it, it is an easy thing to have in a bag and take with me to the caravan or away for the weekend, it is also very easy to pick up and do a few stitches and then put back down again.

Now the boys are letting me get a little bit more time to myself, then maybe I will get this finished!
Yea right, and pigs will fly! Back onto the UFO pile it goes!

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