Friday, August 14, 2009


Last year, I got in a bad way with my job, nothing too bad, just got a little restless and bored and needed to do something totally different!
So I changed my job and became a Vaccinator for the School Based HPV Vaccine (Cervical Cancer Vaccine)
Unfortunately this was only ever a 7 month contract and that has now sadly finished.
Today was my last day, yea!

Whilst the job has been different, quiet and not stressful, there have been other challenges along the way. For instance a manager who has the communication skills of a donkey!
That in its self has been the main challenge, but alas no more, I have handed in my ID Badge and I no longer work as a vaccinator.

On Tuesday, I start my new job, back to the Operating Rooms, but I don't mind.
I know my way around a theatre like I was born in one! I wasn't by the way.
It will be nice to go and work for a while where there are decent hours and I will just get on with the job without thinking. I love that feeling of being able to get on with your days work, knowing what to do and just running with it.

So tonight, I feel stress free, knowing, ok that my next week of work will be a little testing as it is a new job in a new company, but it is theatres, I have been doing that for 15 years, it just comes naturally!

Oh and my husband has a job interview on Wednesday for a job that I think he will really enjoy. So keep your fingers crossed for him for next week please.

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