Sunday, September 13, 2009


This is the car we have been driving for the last 10 days.

It belongs to my Uncle and Aunty.
It is a lovely Ford Escape that nicely seats 4 people.
That is the reason why we have it. Our car is a Mazda MPV and nicely seats 6.
They are currently in Tonga on a family holiday and needed to get 6 people to Auckland to the airport, so borrowed our car so they only had to pay 1 lot of petrol and 1 parking fee at the airport.

The Escape has been different, slightly higher than ours, also smaller than ours.
It would be a lovely car to have, say in 4 or 5 years time when the boys are bigger and we don't have to take so much stuff with us when we travel. It would also be a nice car if we didn't have 2 carseats to accommodate as well.

Can't really complain, it has not been a difficult 10 days, and our car is back tonight.

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