Friday, September 04, 2009

A Special Long Night

This time 6 years ago, I was just heading in for a long night........... of labour that was!

Yes my big baby is 6 very soon and this day, which is actually the day, before always gives me the goose bumps as I remember what I was doing this day in 2003.

I remember having a twinge at 9am and not thinking too much of it.
I then remember having light twinges on and off all day about every 40 minutes and again thought nothing of it! It was a very windy cold day and I was at home all by myself whilst Steve was at work. Seeing as I was only 38 weeks there was no reason for anyone to be with me, it was just another day.

I made a wheatbag, because I wanted one for the baby's cot and remember sitting down at 2pm to watch Oprah, and eat a tuna fish sandwich. I do remember standing for 30 secs at the beginning and again at 2.30, oh and again at 3, funny, was everytime I had a twinge!

I remember after it all started to roll along that maybe, just maybe our baby was going to be born on Sept 4, but as we got closer to the end of the day I realised that no it would be the 5th.

I remember both my labours and how the days went. Alex's I don't get so much time to wallow in the remembrance as it all happened on the same day, but with Ben I love having this special day to remember all to myself before his birthday celebrations kick in tomorrow.

Grandma with her very special delivery at 1.30am!

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Needled Mom said...

Happy special day to you!