Sunday, September 13, 2009

Free Weekend

Unfortunately nothing free to give away, more like managing to get a free weekend from our children.
On Thursday Steve annouced a few things informed me about a few things at work that I needed to know about. This lead to a very quick call to Grandma who kindly had the boys for 24 hours so we could have some peaceful time together to talk things thru with no distruptions.

We did all the talking that we needed to do and now have a clearer head about how our week a head may go.
We also had some quality time together that was much over due. As it is our 1st Wedding Anniversary next weekend we also managed to slip in a brunch today, which I am classing as part of our celebration.

I know we won't be able to get time alone next weekend, that is just life with kids, but we are going to Auckland to see a show in 4 weeks time and Grandma is once again helping out by coming here to stay whilst we have 2 nights in Auckland. So I decided to grab the opportunity whilst we had it and had a nice brunch out with my husband at the restaurant that I got taken to for breakfast on our wedding day (by the Best Man and his wife)
It was an enjoyable time and I have decided that if possible I would like to ensure we have a meal there each year, just the 2 of us, at the time of our anniversary, or like today, at a time close to it.

So now I have the joy of finding a 1st Anniversary present for my husband. Have decided to go traditional and find something of paper.
I know a book is what springs to mind but would love to be more creative than that but seem to have hit a brick wall, so may just end up as a book anyway!

Have a great week.

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