Sunday, September 06, 2009

6 Years Old

Yesterday was a manic day, I was so tired by the end of it. I fell into bed at about 9pm and didn't surface again until the cat disturbed me at 4.30am.
Ben however had an awesome day. He got boiled eggs for breakfast just like he wanted. I really like getting into the tradition of letting the birthday person choose what meal we have for dinner, but as we were going out to his party and it was going to be a long day, plus I had a feeling he would ask for homemade pizzas, we let him choose breakfast instead this year!
He was a very lucky boy and got some lovely cool gifts.

And a home made birthday cake

Then he got to take 9 school friends to the local museum for 2 hours of fun and games.

As mentioned previously, we are only doing a birthday party for their 6th birthday because it is their first one at school with new friends, from now on he will be allowed to bring home 2 or 3 school frinds for dinner / McDonalds / Mini Golf etc until his 10th Birthday when he will have a party again.

It will do my head in each year if we have to find the time, money and effort to do a big party each year, plus I do not think they appreciate it if it happens every year.

Happy 6th Birthday Ben, I know you had an awesome day.

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Kent and Leisy said...

I agree that kids don't appreciate the big birthday party thing if they do it every year. We alternated between a family and friend party each year. His party looks like it was so much fun- and I love the cake! happy belated birthday, ben!