Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grocery Challenge Update

This last Saturday, with my trusty list in hand, I made my way to the supermarket.
I came away having spent a good $30 less than I usually spend per week.
We have still had the same dinners each evening that we would have had had I spent the full amount.
I watched how many of things I brought, did we really need 6 tins of something when in fact we would only be using 4 during the week. That sort of thing is how I got round the shop.

I have been to the shop once this week for fresh bread and milk.
Steve has been once as well for bread, milk and fruit and I would say that we have been good and probably saved about $15 during the week in total from the mid week excursions.

So in total, we have managed to save about $45 this week and I was aiming for $50.
So I am impressed with our first week effort.

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