Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crock Pot

I love crock pots / slow cookers. They can make life so easy and the wonder of walking into a house at the end of a hard day and smell dinner cooking away in the corner is awesome.

My mum came to stay once and as she left she put what food I had left out for dinner in the crock pot, unbeknown to me.
The smell and awesome feeling I got when I walked in the door later that evening with 2 kids under 4 after a hard day at work was amazing. In fact I was so grateful, I had tears in my eyes as I realised what she had done for us. I was touched by something so simple yet so wonderful a thing to do.
The recipe she used was a made up one, what ever she happen to find in my pantry at the time, but it was awesome, in fact I got her to tell me what she put in there and I have since made it loads of times. She called it Chicken Hotpot and I have shared it with several friends who love it too. I will try and remember to put it up here soon so you can all try it, very simple and easy.

I have an awesome large crock pot. Must be about 5 or 6 litres in size. I can nicely cook a large whole chicken in there with no problem.
If you want to make chilli for 20 then this is the beast to have, but that is the problem, there are only 4 of us!

When you make a casserole, I find that it cooks very very quickly because there is hardly anything in the bottom of the pot. It only fills about an inch or 2 at the bottom. Handy if you forget to put it on and need something done in half the time, but not so good when you want to put something on for 8 hours on low and hope that it is nicely cooked when you return, not fried to a crisp and dried out!

So with the remainders of some Christmas vouchers and a very nice sale, I purchased this for us last week.

A nice 3 litre crock pot, that will hold a casserole for 4 very nicely, will cook it in the appropriate time and will not dry everything out because of over cooking.

I put a nice chicken dish in there yesterday and it cooked beautifully. The chicken was perfect and moist where it had slowly cooked for 8 hours rather than speed cooked in 3!

I love my crock pots.

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