Saturday, September 19, 2009


At school on Friday, Ben had a day called 'Charufti Day'
Never heard of it? No neither had I.

Turns out it was part of their Oral Language Week and the word is made up of the words Character and Mufti.
All the Junior pupils had to choose a favorite book and then give a small presentation about it. They could also dress up as a character from the book.

Now this proved a little bit of a challenge for Ben, as he didn't really have a favorite book, likes all of them and he also had no idea as to what a character was.
So after a little drama, we decided on a Firefighter Story book he had and he decided that he would dress as a Firefighter.

In the end the presentation went alright. He got all coy and shy when having to start, but when he did speak it was clear and understandable.

His teacher dressed as 'Bad Jelly Witch' and all his friends dressed up too. It was a colourful day to see.

Alex decided that he had to join in the small parade they gave and somehow managed to sneak into the Junior School Picture taken at the end!

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