Saturday, December 10, 2011


I am still working my way through all the pictures of our garden to be able to show you what we have been up to out there.
However one thing that has not changed is the Ivy Hedge we have!

This is boardering one of the neighbours and they tell us they love having the green wall!
We on the other hand do not like it so much! Although what we would put there in its place I do not know, so at present it will be staying!!

It can at times look really nice, glowing in the sunlight, although at other times it is a pain, always needing trimming etc
The biggest pain of it all is the fact that when it first needed trimming after we moved into the house, it soon became apparent that Steve would not be touching the hedge ever again due to coming out in welts and itching! Yes turns out my husband is allergic to the ivy!
Shame we had to discover this 6 weeks prior to our wedding, when his hands were swollen and red raw! Lots of soothing cream later and his hands looked great on our wedding day!

So he is banned from touching the ivy, so muggins here now has a permanent job in the garden, I am the ivy trimmer.
I am the only one who can trim it, tidy it and even clear up afterwards because he is not allowed to touch anything to do with it!
It is a little high for my liking, and everynow and then I do try to trim it, and I mean really trim it! Not just a measly 2 inches, I try for 6-8.
The next time I trim it I will try to give the top a really good cut that way it will be a little more manageable.

So the ivy hedge remains and will continue to be the bain of my exsistence in our garden.

Do you have something in your garden that annoys you but just can't go at present?

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