Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quick Christmas Treat

At this time of year there are numerous morning teas, lunches and afternoon teas to attend.
And of course you are always asked to bring a small plate of some description or other!

Now I mentioned about some cool little recipes I discovered on Paisley Jade the other day.
This time I have discovered one of my own and will happily share it with you.

You require:

1 pkt Mallow Puffs
100g white choc buttons or melts
enough red or green smarties, M&M's, pebbles, Jaffas etc for 1 per mallow puff


Place the Mallow Puffs on a tray.

Melt the white choc buttons

Swirl white choc on top of Mallow Puff and add a coloured M&M.

Place on plate and continue with next one.

There you have it, simple little Chocolate Christmas Puddings.

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