Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Little Brother

My little brother, who actually is not so little anymore! lives with his family in Rotorua.

When he moved here 4 years ago he decided to join the volunteer firefighters.
He successfully went through all his training and has been an active fire fighter since then.

I sometimes just take it for granted that he does this special job on top of his normal everyday job.
I know he gets called out everynow and then. I am aware that he gets called to car crashes and fires but because I am not in the same town talking to him daily it is not part of my everyday thought process.

However when they tell you (on the news) of a large fire in Rotorua that is using all resources they have available there plus a few appliances from neighbouring towns, then you know he will probably be there.

Quick check with his wife and our mum and yes it is confirmed, my baby brother is out there in his uniform, fighting that fire in the town centre. Has been since 6 this morning.

When you then see the following picture on the news it makes you realise just what he does, as a volunteer, because he wants to....

He has a very understanding boss. If he gets 'called out' outside of work hours and he is late for work then his boss is fine, his boss would prefer he didn't answer the call during work hours and that is fair enough, as a volunteer you only attend the station during the hours that you are available.
However on a day like today, when you answer the call at 6am and you are still not at work by 10.30am then you have to have a very understanding boss who understands that once you are at a fire or crash you can't leave and that you will be there when available.

So to my little brother...I am very proud of you, I regularly forget what you go up against when you are called out, but when it is shown on the news, then it hits home just what a special job you do, because you want to, not because anyone is paying you to.

Way to go little brother.

Other times he is just down right disgusting!!


Anonymous said...

how special,you both are a real credit to your mum.xx

Ali Honey said...

Yes , Well done indeed!

Alison said...

No wonder you're proud of him!
Alison xx