Thursday, December 08, 2011

More Judo

This past weekend we also, along with the big party, had a Judo Tournament.
I almost died the night the Sensei (Terry) announced that we were having a tournament day on the 4th. I sat there shaking my head thinking 'no, we are away that weekend but I know the boys will want to be here!'

So we reshuffled our weekend plans and raced back from Rotorua, after the birthday party, late on Saturday evening ready for a very early start on Sunday morning. (why they have to start tournaments at 8.30am I will never know?)

Anyway, as per usual, we both got roped into helping on the day, but at this tournament I was working on the mat area, so got to watch all the boys fights, unlike last time when I worked in the kitchen and managed to miss some of the fights!

The boys both fought hard and good. They won some, they lost some and they both had a lot of fun, which at the end of the day is important.
Ben desperately wanted to be part of this because Judo is almost ending for the year and this is when Terry does a lot of the grading. Ben knows he isn't at Orange belt level yet, but he is hoping he might get a notch towards it on his yellow belt. So fingers crossed for next weekend when Judo has their fun day and awards ceremony.

The boys, however, did walk away with a few medals.
Ben got a silver in his class fights and a bronze in the open fight.

Yea for me

 Alex managed a bronze in his class fight.

I got another medal, yea

He did enter the open fight, but sadly did not get placed, although we are proud of both of them for the effort they showed on the day.

with their big friend Jarod

End of year party next weekend and then summer holidays off!

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