Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pays to Check

Sometimes I can be really pedantic about checking accounts and invoices and other times I trust the company involved.
The boys go to after school care and the amount of times they manage to screw up the inputting of the data is ridiculous.

Sometimes they will have Alex down for 2 hours but only charge us for 1 hour for Ben, like we leave one child there longer than the other!
Other times they have Ben starting morning care 15 minutes earlier than Alex, again like we would drop one child off before the other!

When it is something that benifits us, then I can honestly say that occassionally I omit to correct them, but when they do something that takes heaps more money from us then I am there with bells on correcting it.

This morning I received an invoice for the last week of term.
The boys attended just 1 session with them. An afternoon for 2 hours. Very simple and straight forward, 2 hour session = $12.40 for each child therefore total cost = $24.80.
However somehow someone had managed to put the wrong time in for Ben and it looked like he had attended the session for 14 hours!
How can someone have not noticed this?
That meant we actually got charged $12.40 for Alex and $86.80 for Ben.
If I had not read the invoice I would have missed this until they had complained further to me that I owed them $53.20 for last terms services, when I knew that we should actually be in credit!

They happily sorted this out for me but makes me realise that next year I will be checking the invoices every 2 weeks when they come through.

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