Friday, December 09, 2011


At the beginning of the year, Alex decided that we needed roses in the garden.
At some stage we brought 3 rose bushes and planted them in the front garden.
As mentioned here they took a little time but then suddenly bloomed to all their goodness. He was well chuffed to have pretty things out the front.
Well of course here in New Zealand, November is the month when most roses are in full bloom and looking beautiful. Towns have their local parks rose displays at this time.

Hamilton is no exception, with the Gardens right on our door step, then we couldn't not go to the weekend special for the rose gardens.
The boys loved it, the weather was gorgeous and the roses shone like no other.
We all had our favorite ones, ones that had glorious colour or even weird colour. Ben loved the fact there was one that was close in name to him, well it had the same first name!

So the pictures that follow are the glorious shots we got viewing the beatiful roses at the Hamilton Gardens Roses Day a couple of weekends ago


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Alison said...

Beautiful pics!
Alison xx