Thursday, December 22, 2011

Movie Premier

At the end of last week I was lucky enough to secure 4 tickets to a premier of the up coming movie "Tin Tin's Adventures".

The boys heard me win them on the radio, so there was no deciding to take anyone else instead of them!

Now I remember Tin Tin from when I was a little girl and I can honestly say that it was not something I was into. My brother on the other hand had one or two of the comic books.
So having an understanding of the concept of the story I was a little worried about how the boys would take it, Ben I thought would do fine, but Alex I thought might get a little bored or scared. Me, well I really wasn't that interested in seeing the movie anyway, but was prepared to sit through it like any good mother does, because it was something for my children, but I would have snuck into any number of other movies if I could have!
Yes Alex did get a little bored, Ben did enjoy it and as for me, well I watched the whole damn thing from start to finish and would even go and see the 2nd one when it is made. It was actually good, I actually enjoyed it.

The movie is made in animation but not cartoon animation, the animation that they made "Polar Express" (Tom Hanks Movie) with, where they got the actors to do the actions and captured them in animation.

It was effective and very well done.
Would I recommend it as a movie to get to this Christmas time, yes.
Take your sons, your nephews and your grandsons, even your husbands and while your at it, take all you female relatives too.
It was just your good old young boy adventure story with goodies and badies, adventure and fun.

When the movie finished, we decided that seeing as we were already out, then we would go along to the Mormon Temple to view the thousands of Christmas Lights they put up each year around the temple grounds.
Check out this post for pictures of the glorious event.
Unfortunately what we didn't count on was the weather, that turned to custard on the way to the temple, however as we were already on our way then I decided that we were going to continue as a little rain never harmed anyone. It also meant that we could cross it off the list of things to get done before Christmas. Now gives me an evening at home tonight to get the presents wrapped!
So we stood with the few others, under the umbrella, in the pouring rain and watched the lights get turned on. Then we walked the steps up to the temple door and walked back down again, now with very wet feet, and then decided that we had achieved that one and went home to bed.

Once again though, I stood looking at the lights and had the same thought that I do every year...."really must get Grandma to come over and see the lights!"
So Grandma, please place this in your diary for 2012, sometime after Dec 12, you have to come and stay the night with us and go out to the Temple and see the pretty lights.

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