Friday, December 09, 2011

Downfall of New Clothes

By having a new job it means I need new clothes, well not exactly new clothes, I just need to think more about what I wear to work each day.
Previously I just rocked on up in jeans and a shirt because as soon as I got there I got changed into scrubs.

I have quite a decent wardrobe of clothes at home but it has taken me a few months to get use to having to think each morning about exactly what I am going to wear.
My shoes have all been fine and as summer is now upon us I have been able to utilise all my pretty sandels.
All my pretty dresses are also getting a nice airing out in the world.

However that is where the problem lies, I am wearing stuff that I am not use to wearing. I am not use to wearing skirts and dresses all day. I am not use to wearing shoes with any type of heel on them all day.
And the heels have been my down fall. I don't wear high heels, just little ones, enough to give me a little lift and look really nice.

Yesterday I wore a pretty dress with a nice pair of sandels that had a heel, I got compliments all day about how great I looked.

Today I am wearing trainers on my right foot and a moonboot on my left foot and downing painkillers and anti-inflamatories and getting compliments / questions about "what did you do?"

"Yes what did I do?"
I wore heels all day, walked a lot and managed to roll my ankle a little at some stage during the day. It didn't hurt at the time, but by last night it was a little tender. I decided that rest was all I needed and so did none of the Rest. Ice. Compress. Elevate treatment as I didn't feel I had done anything.
This morning it was uncomfortable so brought a tubigrip bandage on my way to work and wore that. However by mid morning I decided that it was too painful to totally ignore and got an appointment at the Physiotherapists.
I have strained a ligament in my ankle and they are painful. She wants me to get my foot in a neutral position, so leg and foot in a 90 degree angle, however mine won't go there, so she has placed me in a moonboot for 4 days to keep it in a good position and allow it to rest!

Rest with your foot in a fixed position? Hum yea how? It is more uncomfortable in this than it was previously, however this moonboot is of course keeping it in the right position while it fixes, heals and recovers. Previously I was letting it rest, painfree in the wrong position, thereby doing more damage.
So now I am hobbling round ever so elegantly with this black monstrosity on my foot.

My pretty dresses will look lovely on Monday at work with one foot strapped up!
Maybe I need to fight to wear jeans to work everyday?

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Alison said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle...hope it improves over the weekend!
Alison xx