Saturday, September 15, 2012

What I Am Loving

I am currently loving my new individual ramikin dishes.
They are large ones so are suitable to make individual dishes in.
I have served Chicken Pasta Bake in them and the other day I did individual Shepherds Pies.
Anything to try and make dinner more fun and appertising.

I have also found that it is a perfect size portion for people and I am loving serving them for dinner. The family are enjoying eating out of them too.

In fact I am loving them so much I think I may need to purchase 2 more to have a decent set of them in case we get company.
Watch out Grandma, individual dishes when you next have dinner here!


Alison said...

You obviously enjoy cooking much more than I do...although they would probably be handy for when I'm on my own and I could make a couple of things at a time and freeze them
Alison xx

Laurie said...

Individual is how all my dishes are ... but look forward to these nice red ones ... hugs Grandma x

Laurie said...

Forgot to say "nice new blog background" ... Mum x