Sunday, January 06, 2008

Early or decide

The house we are renting is wonderful. It has a seperate living room to dining room and kitchen. So the boys etc can be in the living room and I can cook in peace etc in the other room.
Only thing is the peace, have noticed lately that it would be great to have some music playing or something. We do have a small tv in the dining room but I don't always want to watch it, plus there is usually nothing on anyway.

So I treated myself to a little present. Whether this is an early / late Birthday or Christmas present well that can be decided later, although I think it is a present I have brought myself 'just because' and I am sure we are all worthy of those types at some stage or other.

So here is my simple cheap unit, cost me all of NZ$69 from The Warehouse.
Hey I only want it to play CD's and the radio, probably turn out to last us for years and be the best thing we ever brought!

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Kent and Leisy said...

we have that same thermometer thing that you have sitting on your counter next to your late christmas present!