Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We have been casually looking at houses in the surrounding areas. Not so much as to purchase one, more to get a feel for what is there, what people are asking for them and what they eventually sell for.
Stands us in good stead when we do come to buy we will have an idea on the prices in the area etc.

Unfortunately all good laid plans sometimes don't come together and then next thing we are actually placing an offer on a house.

So at this moment in time we are waiting for the vendor to come back on our counter offer that we signed against what she originally signed against our first offer.

One word of advice to anyone in NZ buying a house....Never buy in January over the summer holidays, everyone is away or planning days away etc.
The lady has seen our 2nd offer, and has actually gone to the beach for a day or so, ok she does want to discuss the price with her partner but the Real Estate guy will have to chase her at the beach, 35mins drive away, tomorrow.

In the mean time we can just sit and hope that it goes our way?
And what do we do while we wait, read magazines on new kitchens and designs etc because the house needs a new kitchen put in before we move in.

The joys of buying a house.

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