Monday, January 21, 2008

Alex, Diggers and the Police

And I mean the real Police this time with sirens and ticket books!

Yet again they are digging in our street, well more like finishing off what they started a while ago. Anyway, when we got home from taking Steve to work this morning the boys where playing and I answered the telephone, so I am checking out something on the computer for the person who called and suddenly there is a lady walking down the drive way next to the house saying "maybe mummy is in here" So of course I jump up and run into the garden to find her bringing Alex back into the garden.
She had found him 3 doors down sat on the pavement watching the diggers!
So we walk her back out to the street to see the diggers and Alex promptly runs back to where he was sat and sits down again.
I bring him home and tell him all that was wrong with what he did etc.

About 4 hours later Ben is helping me do something and suddenly he comes back yelling for Alex, I have a quick look round and know exactly where he is, so off down the street I run to find him again, straight past a Police man talking to a kid on a bike!
So I pick up Alex, again tell him not to run off and come back home.
5 minutes later the Policeman is knocking on the door asking if I have lost a baby in a green t-shirt?!
Seems he saw Alex sat on the pavement and this kid on the bike, so he reprimanded the kid first and then dealt with the child in the street, which of course I had rescued, so he gave Alex a little talking to about going off down the street and then left.

So here we are spending the day in the house because up till now, when it has suddenly got very hot and sticky and must be at least 30 deg, it has been raining or at least attempting to rain, and we manage to get the local cops talking to our 2 year old about going off down the street!

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