Thursday, January 10, 2008

Me, him and varnish

Today was one of the days that Alex spends at Daycare and so Ben and I have the day together.
Ok that may all change in a little while as I had a job interview today with a Private Hospital in town called Braemar.

For those of you that don't know I am a Theatre Nurse, or a Surgical Nurse for those in the US. Anyway, this is what I have specialised in since I qualified almost 13 years ago. OMG, 13 years! Were does the time go?

So if all goes well from today I may have a part time job again soon, so Ben will join Alex at Daycare.

Well I thought I looked really nice today, I felt good to plus it was a beautiful day so all things were on my side, but there was only Ben to take a picture of me, and seeing as I am usually the one taking the picture then there is never very many of me.

So here is one...

I also repainted my toe nails, because with it being summer your toes have to look good in sandels and I of course had a little helper and also someone who wanted to join in on the action.

So all 20 toes in the house at the time got painted!

Even now as I write this at 9pm his father is still bothered by the fact Ben has cinammon on his toes! Me I think it looks so cute, matches mummy!

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Kent and Leisy said...

good luck with the job! have you heard anything from them yet?