Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The New Granny

Cute poem I found about how all new mother's think things have changed since their mother's had children!

Now your kids are parents,
There's something you should know,
Their lives are planned out perfectly,
They know the way to go,
They won't need much help from Granny,
She's much too out of date!
Please don't be hurt at this remark -
Just sit back and wait!
Babies are quite different now
Than they were for you and me,
I'm puzzled how we managed
To bring up two or three.
Without the help of all the books
Our children have to read,
We fed and bathed and changed our babies,
And coped with every need.
Reality will set in
When the baby won't conform
To all the rules they've read about
And think should be the norm!
About six weeks of sleepless nights
Should put them to the test,
And you may find them at your door,
Begging for a rest!
Give freely of your help now,
And answer every call;
The time has come for them to see
They need you after all!


breadmoretravels said...

Way to go "grandma's"

Kent and Leisy said...

I am so glad that you found the temple there in nz! I loved all of the pictures! you will definitely have to go back in the day! many temples have visitor's center attached to them as well. I love when they put up all of the lights for Christmas. I'm glad you had a good holiday :) and I'm glad to be back to the blogging world.