Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mischievous Monster

This sums up Alex in a nut shell, if anything has happened this week it has happened to him.
Ok he has instigated everything, but it has all been Alex.

After the little visit from the police, the next day Alex was at it again, although this time it was first thing in the morning.
I was getting ready for a meeting, Steve and Ben were eating breakfast and Alex had gone out into the garden.
When I came out of the study I thought it was too quiet, and we all know what that spells, so I went into the garden and it was still and quiet, no 2 year old.
The shed door was open and I thought he was in there getting the gardening toys out, so in my pyjamas I went over and it was empty.

As I turned back to the house I noticed the gate was open.....

So I raced back inside, opened the front door and looked out into the street and sure enought there was Alex sat on the pavement outside the neighbours house watching the digger!!
Plus he had a rake in his hand???

Turns out this little hudini had opened the shed, got out the rake and then used this to knock the lock on the gate so it would open. Thus allowing him free access to the outside world!

How does he know how to do this? Where did he learn this from?
I don't remember it being in any story book we have been reading him?
How do we keep him in the garden if he can get out of there? What do I have to do....tie him to the clothes line??

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