Wednesday, January 16, 2008

House Update

As of 7pm Tuesday night we are conditional on the house we have fallen in love with, well I have fallen in love with, Steve is still on the fence about it.

Anyway we need a Building Inspection and a LIM Report from the local council.

So we have until Thursday 31st January to get both reports and if all is AOK then we will own a house in Hamilton.

I am not worried about the LIM, the only thing to show on that will be that there is no permit for the garage or the veranda, highly unlikely.

It is the building inspection that we are worried about, not that it will show anything, but if anything will halt the buying it will be this.

Building Inspection is on Thursday at 8.30am, we should have the report by Friday morning.

Fingers crossed for us x x

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Anonymous said...

Thats not the hose we are buying