Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Swimming Pools

Everyone in NZ wants a pool in their garden, well there are those that don't, like us.
Now when we get good weather we get it, but some years it can't be relied upon, it will be nice and warm but not to the extent that I would have a pool.
So to have a neighbour who has installed a temporary pool is fun. I am actually warming to the idea of a pool, one you put up and then take down when the season is over, nothing permanent.

Well the weather has been fabulous this Christmas, we haven't had it this hot since 2002 at this time of year, up there in the 30's.
Today was no different, so at about 4pm I convinced the family to head over to the neighbour's house and dunk in her pool.
Absolute bliss, sun shining, warm water and just devine

The boys loved it, it was a great way to kill an hour when it was too hot!

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