Wednesday, June 24, 2009

4 Yr Old

Alex had the wonderful fate of having his 4yr old Immunisations yesterday.
Consequently he is not a great fan of the nurse at the surgery because according to him she 'put holes in my arms!'
He even went so far as to ask if he had to ever see the nurse again? Because he said he doesn't want any more holes in his arms!
The look on his face when she put the first injection in.......if looks could kill, she was way out of here!
That made getting the second one in more of a challenge, although he was actually a fabulous little boy with the nurse and I am very proud of him.

My son, sadly does not do pain, no way at all, so this of course left him very fragile for the rest of the evening.
He didn't want a shower because his arms would get wet!
All he wanted to do was snuggle with mummy because then he would be safe.
He didn't like Grandad, who is currently staying with us, decided that Grandad needed to go home!
Didn't even want daddy because daddy was the one who suggested a shower in the first place!

Alex is the type of person who will hurt himself, cry for a while over the sore arm, leg, hand etc. He will then be fine for a while, but then several hours later will see the wound and promptly start howling again, because he remembers that he has a sore wound!
He can even work himself into a frenzy several days later.
As I said, he does not do pain!

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Needled Mom said...

Ouch. I am glad it is over now for him.