Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bath Time

As many of you may recall, we have been redoing our bathroom.
Ok it is not totally finished, in that it still needs painting! One day Steve will get round to it, although it has been a little too cold to paint. Damp and wet does not make for great ideal paint enviroments!

Anyway, we were actually brave when redoing the bathroom in that we took out the bath and have not replaced it!
We have just a shower in the house now.
We looked at how many times we used it and found it was about once every 6-8 weeks and even then it was just the boys jumping in for a splash around.
So the decision was made and the bath disappeared.

However, the other evening, Alex wanted a bath, he had had a rough day and you could tell it would calm him.

When the boys were little, we actually used a 50l fish box in the bath, saved us having to fill the huge bath with all that water for such a little person. It worked well, Ben used to love his deep bath.

So Steve came up with the wonderful idea of getting the bin out again, and so the boys had a shower bath instead.

Kept everyone happy, although I am going to have to make sure the bin disappears again soon, because they seem to want a bin bath more than a shower now!


Needled Mom said...

Too funny! They are definitely a tab bit bigger now.

Kent and Leisy said...

those are the greatest pictures!! I can't believe they both fit in there!