Saturday, June 13, 2009


Today has already started out well......!
Here is a conversation Steve and I have already had by 9am on a Saturday morning!

Steve: Oh I seem to be out of my long acting insulin!
Me: Well we better call the pharmacy and see what time they are open today!
Steve: I don't think they are open on a Saturday...!
Me: Well I will try.

Quick call to the pharmacy and discovered that indeed they are not open on a Saturday morning. So the conversation continues....

Me: Well you will have to go to the local Accident and Medical Clinic and see the doctor and get a prescription for the drug you need?
Steve: It's ok, I will be fine!
Me: What?? Till Monday?
Steve: Yes
Me: Well you just call you Dad when you have a hypo at 3am!

His Dad is currently staying with us, but he is almost 80 and is blind. So actually of no help what so ever at 3am.

Now I don't want to take responsibility for this. It is Steve's illness, he is a big boy, he can deal with all of this himself. BUT I am the one that will have to deal with this in the middle of the night when he has a hypo!

I am happy to remind him about the fact his drugs are about to run out, but again he is a big boy and can do it himself.

But for now, he has no long acting insulin and probably won't have any until Monday when I collect his script, which is a little too far away for my liking!

Consequently, Steve has just walked into the study and read this blog as I am writing it! I guess now he understands where I am coming from and has agreed to go to the local Clinic and Pharmacy to see what he can get.

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