Monday, June 01, 2009

Busy Time

I am one that likes to keep in touch with people.
Ok I may be slacker now than when I was younger, but I do at least try and remember Birthdays for the people that are very important, like family & close friends and Christmas cards for people I manage to get in touch with once a year.
Now I know once a year is not good enough, but that is how life goes. We usually live in a different country and so therefore have absolutely no idea what the others life is like.
I am getting in touch a lot more with people's day to day activities through the likes of Facebook and email.
I use to write letters all the time when I was younger, but that seems to have stopped in this day, email is the way to go.
I can not believe that we get annoyed with people and feel they are out of touch if we are unable to reach them by email or mobile phone!

So I am in the middle of one of my busy periods when it comes to keeping in touch.
I have 17 birthdays in 4 weeks, all family and friends, but all ones that I HAVE to remember.
  1. May 28 - Andy and Sam (2 very dear friends)
  2. May 29 - Best Friends Daughter Eleanor, who is my son Alex's best friend
  3. May 30 - My father's (was 65 this year) and my nephew Harvey (was 5 this year)
  4. June 2 - Olga, my niece, 1 of my Aunties and a friends Daughter
  5. June 4 - My son Alex and my Cousin Malc
  6. June 6 - My nieces son Peter
  7. June 7 - My nephew Gareth (married to Olga)
  8. June 14 - My Father in Law John (turns 80 this year) and my brother in law Ken
  9. June18 - My niece Sarah
  10. June 19 - Another Aunty
  11. June 26 - My nephew Joshua

Add to this I have 4 more in July, 2 in August and 5 in September then this time of the year is manic for birthdays.

BUT I love it......!

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