Sunday, June 21, 2009


Ben came home from school the other day and had Steve carry in this......

Apparently they had been making them at After School Care!
But he was all in to this, explaining how it works and what it does.
This is a Macaroni Cheese Maker, which has blades and turning things inside.

You apparently put everything in the Easy Mac Cheese box, it then gets pushed through, by blades, to the KFC box, which in turn mixes it all together before pushing it through to the Weetbix box and then it flows through all the other boxes to the end, where you are meant to place a bowl ready to catch the cooked Mac Cheese.

Simple as that, according to Ben.

This is not the first time he has come home from school with an invention, ok they are not all usually this large! He has also tried to use boxes etc to invent machines in the garage as well.

The Waikato Museum has a display on at the moment about 'The Da Vinci Inventions', so I thought we would take Ben along to it today seeing as he is so into inventing things at the moment.

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lj and er travels said...

wonderful we have engineer in the making